Evolution is a Fairy Tale, The Bible is Not

Evolution is a Fairy Tale, The Bible is Not

The Bible Is A Fairy Tale

Today we have a Baptist pastor from San Jose, California that is going to prove that evolution is a fairy tale and the Bible most definitely is not a fairy tale. He has his proof worked out so well he has mathematical proofs to show that evolution is fictitious. I mean granted he has Actions added to animal parts added to some mysterious 3rd party, which he can only describe as god, that creates these creatures.

There are several things wrong with all of his “Math” for one thing it doesn’t disprove evolution and also doesn’t show how the bible isn’t comprised entirely of fictitious stories that are meant to teach life lessons… LIKE FUCKING FAIRY TALES. I have to say that some Asian dude in a classroom with really screwed up math that he pulled out of his rectum definitely trumps our vast amount of evidence for evolutionary theory and natural selection.

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