Geocentric Universe is so 700 BC

What’s up Heathens! This week on comments we have a whole bunch of crazy to get through. First we have atheism is dead, spin produces gravity, and we have a geocentric universe being proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.

First up is Atheism being dead. Atheism was never alive, to begin with, so it couldn’t have died. The author meant dead as in the movement is dead which is dumb to say as well. He claims there is peer-reviewed evidence of God but doesn’t actually provide any evidence. He claims this evidence says that the fundamental and emergent laws of nature, and physics, are only here because of God. Still, he doesn’t actually provide evidence for this. As Hitchens once said, “That which is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.”

Next crazy thing is spin producing gravity. Spin does not produce gravity. The spin of the earth is essential to a lot of things on this planet but gravity isn’t one. Gravity is a force between two objects regardless of spin.  You can calculate this forces effects on multiple things in our universe. The author says this would cause people to float off at the poles because there is little spin at the poles. It’s very true that the poles spin significantly slower than the equator but that doesn’t mean people will fly off the earth. While gravity does change in minute amounts across the globe, because the earth is not uniformly thick, it doesn’t change enough to cause a noticeable difference.

Geocentric For The Win

Finally, we get to the centrism comment. The author believes that because the sun moves in the sky from their perspective that it means the sun rotates around the earth. This is wrong on so many levels. It fails to account for perspective, how big the sun is, and a lack of general knowledge. The author then concludes that the earth flat and their audience needs to wake up to the truth. Like all other great scholars write on their social media.