Gravity Does Exist

What’s Up Heathens! Last week on DelanoTV’s video we discussed rainbows and then the speed that the earth rotates. This week we are discussing gravity and subliminal messaging in mass media. Like any flat-earther, DelanoTV doesn’t believe gravity exists despite the fact that it’s very measurable and has a lot of explanatory power.

He first starts by explaining how the sky is blue because there is water on the other side of the firmament. This is laughably false because we know why the sky is blue. Blue light is scattered more by the molecules in the atmosphere during the day. At sunset, they scatter the red light more. Molecules in the atmosphere are able to do this because the light’s electromagnetic field induces electric dipole moments in the molecules.

Next, DelanoTV discusses his problems with gravity. He drops some tape from eye level and demonstrates that it falls down. My guess is to mimic Neil DeGrasse Tyson when he dropped the mic on the flat earth debate. DelanoTV is wrong about gravity as all flat-earthers are. Gravity has explanatory power for what we see in our everyday lives. Gravity is measurable and due to this fact, we have weight. Our weight is different on every planet because the force of gravity is different on every planet. Gravity is the force between two objects of different masses. If you worked out this force between you and the earth, you would get your weight. They neglect the fact that gravity is at the center of weight and claim density is the reason why it falls. But that doesn’t actually explain anything. It doesn’t explain why things fall down and not up, down, or sideways.


Finally, DelanoTV leaves us with subliminal mass media messaging. The idea that the mass media is gently showing us the “flat earth truth” in commercials and TV shows. Subliminal messaging is messaging that is targeted towards your unconscious mind. So these wouldn’t be blatant jokes or references.  They would be more subtle than what he thinks because he shows us blatant jokes about the flat earth or creative commercials.