Conspiracy Theory Rumble: Hollow Earth Vs Flat Earth

Conspiracy Theory Rumble: Hollow Earth Vs Flat Earth

flat earth conspiracy theoryConspiracy Theories Collide

What’s up Heathens! Today on Comments we have two conspiracy theories that are colliding with one another. It’s amazing to find two equally crazy people pitting their crazy ideas against each other. We also have some comments about how stupid I am and questioning whether or not I am a cuck.

So first we start today off with some flat earth comment asking me to show proof of the globe and claiming I haven’t debunked anything. Debunking is taking someone’s claim and explaining why they are wrong. I’m not the best communicator but it doesn’t don’t take a lot in order to debunk the flat earth conspiracy theory. Next we have Jacky who thinks that me explaining an eclipse is blasphemy. She claims that science books are written by man so they could be wrong. I would ask that you apply that to your own conspiracy theory because men wrote the Bible. Couldn’t they be lying or is that a special case (special pleading).

Next, we have Honey Bunny who is claiming that I am a sick messed up dude. Mind you, this was on a pastor locke comments of the day video. I’m not exactly sure what made me messed up in that video but I hope it was a good reason. Then we have Ron who thinks that I make Rosanne Barr look like a supermodel. He also says I can’t cook which I would highly context given my sweet cooking skills. Jessica Crabbe ironically tells me to “study harders” on my exposing MorgueOfficial as a mystery religion. Monique felt the need to tell me that I’m ignorant and she doesn’t understand why I popped up on my timeline. Keep sharing my stuff ya’ll. Beelzebub exposed me as the cuck that I am. I’m not actually a cuck but it’s nice that he thinks so I guess.

It’s not all Bad

We also have some positive comments today we have Dano JC who is asking about whether the first jews thought there were multiple Gods. They did live in a society where many gods were acknowledged to exist but only one god was worshiped. Phoenix Vanguard watched 24 videos of mine and determined me to not be a racist. I wonder if his mind has changed. Peachy had a bit of meltdown in the comments with Street Preacher Joe. It’s ok Peachy, I had a meltdown too.

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