Please, Do Mock Them

What’s up Heathens! Today we have the 3 Mormons channel defending their temple garments. This one Mormon is arguing that people shouldn’t be mocking Mormons for having temple garments by calling them magic. I can’t let this slide guys.

So it’s quite ridiculous to state that your set of beliefs shouldn’t be mocked while mocking other beliefs at the same time. This same Mormon in the video has most definitely been mocking atheists for their beliefs. He even went so far as to insinuate that atheists have nothing to live for at all so why not just kill ourselves. But his beliefs are sacred so we must not mock his beliefs because they are holy or something. He deflects the magical underpanties argument by saying that other faiths have sacred clothing too and he doesn’t mock them. They should be mocked just like yours should be mocked. They aren’t mocked just because they are sacred to you. They are mocked because a significant portion of your faith said they protected against bullets and fire. That is what you should be addressing instead of deflecting the question.

Officially, The LDS Church has officially disavowed the idea that their temple garments are magic in some way. They do so by saying it’s absurd to think that and never directly say that they aren’t magical.

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