The Worst Proof Ever

Seriously I can’t believe how bad this proof against gravity is. Basically, this guy thinks that because the crane he operates doesn’t warn of minuscule changes in weight due to other massive objects that indicates that gravity doesn’t exist. He doesn’t even know what gravity is.


What is Gravity?

So gravity is the effect of mass warping spacetime. Gravity can also be calculated as a fictitious force. No, fictitious forces aren’t forces that don’t exist. They only appear to be forced and can be measured as a force, so they are still forces. We have the Law of Gravity which mathematically describes the force of gravity and it’s effects on things. Then we have the Theory of Gravity which currently is the Theory of General Relativity. 

His Fundamental Problem

 He fundamentally doesn’t understand gravity and its effects on things. All mass attracts other mass. But since gravity is the weakest of all the forces you have to have incredible amounts of mass in order to have noticeable effects on other objects. He fails to understand that even at the incredible weights he is talking about, gravity would have very little effect on the situation.