What’s Up Heathens! We are continuing our discussion with Dr. Richard Carrier about the Chrestus App as whether Christianity requires Jesus to be a historical figure.

First, we start off talking about people that emotionally hold onto the belief that Jesus existed. People claim that we emotionally hold onto Mythicism while they themselves are emotionally attached to their beliefs. Both Rick and I would love to be proven wrong if you could provide evidence that was compelling enough. Rick even go so far to say that there is a 1/3 chance he was historical.

We also discuss the Appeal to authority that historicists use. If there is a good reason to doubt the authority then you need to explain why that authority is correct. We also go into Occam’s Razor and how people think that its the simpler answer is the most likely.

Then we get to talking about whether Christianity requires Jesus to have existed in order for it to exist in the first place. Rick has a completely separate book called “Not the impossible faith” that explains why this whole premise isn’t true. You just need the belief that these things happened. That’s it.