Dr. Craig is wrong about Jesus

What’s Up Heathens! Today we are discussing who did Jesus think he was by Dr. William Lane Craig. He thinks that we can actually know what Jesus actually thought and he uses really bad criteria to say so.

First, they ask what did Jesus think of himself. Delusional is out of the question but it’s the character that they are concerned with. The character. each gospel is about what Jesus thought about himself… so I’m sure its there. They use horrible historical criteria for saying that some things were directly spoken by Jesus. Like the Aramaic criteria, which says that any dialog that only makes sense in Aramaic then Jesus actually said it.

Then they talk about how it’s not inspired scripture but a collection of historical books. This is purely false and that’s coming directly from the authors. Paul says it blatantly in Galatians and 1 Corinthians. Mark denotes it at the very beginning of his gospel. They then go on to discuss what the Jews were expecting out of a messiah. It is true that some expected a military leader but a lot of others expected something more spiritual. Josephus records several of these failed messiahs.

Then they mention the book of Zechariah which is said to be very prophetic about the Messiah. I point out how that book even names the Messiah Jesus or Yeshua. So you mean to tell me that it’s far more probable that every prophecy came true including the name of the Messiah than people making stuff up. Sure bro.