No, The Blood Moon doesn’t mean this

What’s Up Heathens! Today, Paul Begley is going to explain how July 2018 Blood Moon and its biblical implications as a sign of the coming Apocalypse.

Paul Begley is an online conspiracy preacher that loves to shout about the end times and stuff like that. Today he is going to tell us how special this particular blood moon is compared to all the other blood moon’s that have happened in history. This one is supposed to be the longest one as well as happening in the 70th year anniversary of something to do with Israel. Obviously, all these things combined produce the apocalypse according to Paul. He says that the Volcanoes erupting and the lunar/solar eclipses mark a sign of the apocalypse in the heavens. He reads a lot of the Bible, of course, and at one point my brain kind of freezes and I just can’t understand what he’s saying.

Now, how the blood moon actually works is that during a lunar eclipse the sun’s rays hit the atmosphere and Rayleigh Scattering causes the red light to be cast upon the face of the moon during the eclipse. This cause the moon to turn Red. This same effect happens every day at sunset and sunrise. This is not a special event per se as it happens pretty regularly. We will for sure continue to have blood moons and the Jesus will still be on the precipice of coming back.

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