Church of Evolution? Wat?

What’s Up Heathens! Today’s video is a bit of a doozy. They say that the Church of Evolution is where we go to escape sin, dignity, and basically all morality. I mean they are throwing other Christians under the bus as well with this one.

So this video starts off saying that the Church of Evolution is “where you can find shelter from God and his judgment.” This is a ridiculous thing to say because Evolution has nothing to do with god or escaping his judgment. There are plenty of people out there that believe evolution to be a thing and are Christian. So, he is throwing his own group under the bus as well.

Then he claims the Church of Evolution has set him free from conducting himself with dignity and honor. That’s simply not true and people in the atheist community, which I think is who he is trying to target, regularly call out our own when they don’t conduct themselves with dignity and honor. Of course, he’s trash talking evolution so that includes Christians. While some Christians do conduct themselves with dignity and honor, I wouldn’t say that is a good way to describe the whole of Christianity.

Then he says evolution has set him free to be a woman sometimes and a man other times. This is not what the Trans community is or what being transgender is about. I don’t want to get into the wide array of genders right now but seriously this is not how being trans words.

Then he recites the worst understand of what Survival of the fittest is and what evolution is. He thinks is destroying the competition because we are fittest. That makes killing ok! not really. That’s how Social Darwinism works which isn’t evolution. That’s a racist concept that Hitler used to kill a lot of Jews and other minority groups.