Creation Museum is Crazy

What’s Up Heathens! Today we take a trip to the Creation Museum with TellTale Atheist. We go to a casino before the museum so that was fun too.

So we start off our trip traveling 6 hours to Indiana where we stayed that weekend. It was a fun trip. In the morning, We go to Bob Evans to get breakfast and then we hit the casino where I escape with $0.03. Then we make our way to the Creation Museum. They have their own police force guys. We walk up to the museum and we see dinosaurs all over the place. We also got to see a Donkey, Jesus’ actual donkey he rode into Jerusalem. They also have a dinosaur outside the museum, unlabeled so I don’t know what it was.

Creation Museum walkthrough

We get inside and it takes 20 min to get through the ticket booths because they have Dragon stuff plastered all through the entrance way. They claim everyone from Ancient Greeks to cowboys had dealings with dragons. It’s quite fascinating. We got to see Noah’s cafe and Noah’s coffee shop. We started our way through the museum with a room where they say evolution and creation are on the same level. That we have the same evidence and that is exactly what they show us here.

Next, they continue the propaganda that evolution and creation are the same with the same evidence. They misrepresent Lucy and what she would have looked like favoring a chimp like stance. Then they take us through the bible. Showing us who wrote the bible, supposedly. They do get it right about Paul writing part of the bible but they have a lot of people that didn’t exist in history.

Then it’s the descent into a world without the Bible. How horrible and anti-christian the world is. It’s quite ridiculous the lengths they go through. Then they start back with the positivity of the Bible with a little movie. Just restating the Creation story. Then talking about the 7Cs of creation. Apparently, we are waiting for the consummation. From there it was all about mixing dinosaurs with the Bible. I like how in the maps about the migrations of animals they leave Australia out of the flow. That was really hilarious. We shot past this last part because it was really just about mixing the Bible with history and showing their own theology.