Offerings for everything

What’s up Heathens! Today on the show KC and I go through the Peace offerings and sin offering rules in the bible where God gets incredibly pedantic about his violent animal slaughter.

First, we start out with Peace offerings. I’m still unsure about what these offerings are for though. We talk about how to prepare them and what kind of psychopathic stuff you have to do in order to prepare your offering. Still don’t know what peace requires the violent death of an animal. Then there is a thanksgiving offering. yeah if you guys didn’t know our Thanksgiving holiday is based on Leviticus, yeah. Apparently, there is a free will offering? I mean do you have to slaughter livestock to have free will I’m not sure the logic here.

If anyone becomes unclean or an unclean person touches the meat, then you will be cut off from your people. Basically, if you don’t follow these rules to the T, then you get cut off from your people. They are so easy to just shun people out of the faith.