Science Doesn’t Prove Negatives

What’s Up Heathens! Today we are responding to a guy named Jon Singleton who has made a couple responses to me. He basically wants a scientific fact that proves God doesn’t exist.

So the first response video this guy made was a bit incoherent and unfocused. I helped him out a little bit and he made a follow-up video that was much better. So we are taking a look at the second video and a small portion of the first.

First Video

One primary theme of his first video was basically calling me a coward for leaving Christianity. Just because I deconverted from religion doesn’t mean I was weak or a coward. I was indoctrinated into believing in a god and it wasn’t easy for me to leave the faith. It was hard because it felt wrong to not believe in god. He also tried to talk over me a lot, which doesn’t work, and he said I wasn’t funny.

3 Themes in his Video

One big misconception he makes is that my videos and my effort are to push Christians to become atheists. That any conversation I have is pushing the person more towards atheism. That is not and has never been a motivation for my activism. No one scientific fact should turn you away from your faith. You need to investigate the question thoroughly and come to your own decision.

Another thing about this video is that he thinks we live in the Marvel universe. He seriously thinks that our genes mutate and we develop characteristics within our own lifetime. Not over generations like it actually happens. You don’t get bit by a spider and become Spiderman.

Finally, He wants one scientific fact that disproves God’s existence. That is simply something that will never happen as that is not how science operates. Science will never have a gotcha fact or principle that definitely proves God cannot exist and no scientist would say that he definitely doesn’t exist.