Street Epistemology is pretty cool

What’s Up Heathens! Today we are talking with ObjectivelyDan about leaving Christianity and his work with Street Epistemology. He also gives his best advice for young atheists.

We start out talking about Dan’s past with religion. How involved he was with his faith. We find out he was very involved with the church community in general. He was a leader in his local youth ministry and did a lot of good as a leader. Then he met Anthony Magnabosco and he started to transition out of his faith. This is a rare interview for me because we have an extensive look at how Dan lost his faith.

What I wanted to know was what were the social consequences of that. What happened between him and his friends. His parents. Turns out that Dan, Like Genetically Modified Skeptic, is still partially in the closet about his atheism. He is a Texas native and the people that he has come out to have been a mixed bag. Some have accepted it but others shunned him. The biggest issue was with his parents.

Now Dan helps out Anthony Magnabosco spread Street Epistemology around wherever they can. Right now they are trying to get Dan to the SSA Conference. He helps host a Street Epistemology Podcast with Reid of Cordial Curiosity and Anthony.

He gives his best advice to questioning Christians and young/new atheists.