Ken Ham Doesn’t Understand Science

What’s Up Heathens! Today we are taking a look at how Ken Ham explains the global flood and Noah’s Ark. We talk about everything that proves him wrong.

We start off with Obi-wan Kenobi kicking adam and eve out of the Garden of eden because they messed up. Since sin affected everything all the dinosaurs decided to start killing each other and goign off their vegan diet. Then cain kills abel which is totes wrong. Why you do that cain.

Next Ken Ham steals an image from another documentary when he has the Protoceratops eating the stomach of a Velociraptor. Of course the Raptor would be going after the sheep and dogs running next to it. Then he gets into explaining how the Dinosaurs fit on the Ark along with the other animals. He explains how they only needed small baby versions of all the animals. He also has a size comparison of multiple dinosaurs and the ark. Then hd does the size comparison for multiple dinosaurs and their younger counter parts… and that is how you fit all the animals on the ark.

Then Ken ham shows us the Global flood and explains how all the rock layers were laid down at once with with some kind of hydro sorting thing that is never proven to be an accurate model. Basically God wanted the Geologic column the way it looks.