Ken Ham Has a Kids Book

What’s Up Heathens! Today Paulogia and I are going to be reading through Ken Ham’s Stargate fan Fiction called “Dinosaurs of Eden.” This will be an in-depth look at the book so this is going to be several episodes long.

Ken Ham once wrote a book called “Dinosaurs of Eden” where he was trying to teach kids a lot of false things about history. He used horrible Stargate and time traveling references in order to convey this message. Paulogia and I take time to critically examine every page of his masterpiece. From the ridiculous cover art to the actual book content which is very sparse as it is mostly pretty pictures.

These pretty pictures, however, seem to have time traveled themselves because they look like they came from the 70s. Regardless of the horrible artwork, Ken Ham starts off by showing us a picture of why he looks like an ape. We surmise that he is one but that’s just big-science-hog-wash now isn’t it. Ken Ham is definitely not the guy you want saying “evolution doesn’t happen” when he looks like he is the missing link.

Finally, Ken shows his lil science experiments strapping into a VR unit or something to go through the BIBLE TIME GATE!!!! where they are immediately thrown in front of a T-Rex or similar dinosaur. They really should have let him leave first though. Lucky for these guys Dinosaurs like T-Rex ate watermelons in the garden. Not People like one would think.

Ken explains how the earth was made in 6 literal days with the laziest arguments you can think of. The Bible, he used the Bible.