No, Evolution Isn’t a Mental Illness

What’s up Heathens! Today we are talking about Darwin Day 2018. Religious people had a busy time that day crapping on Darwin and Evolution. One said Evolution was a mental illness lol

This episode has all the usual suspects. We have why aren’t there still monkies. Obviously, we didn’t evolve from monkey’s we evolved from a common ancestor with other apes. It’s ridiculous to say this kind of thing when you can easily google why you’re wrong.

Then we have the whole Evolution is a lie deal. It’s not a lie. Nobody knows its false and is spreading it as truth. That is not what is happening but idiots want to spread that kind of dumb rhetoric.

The Gospel truth tells us that Evolution is a mental illness because there are a lot of complex things? I don’t understand this whole idea. So because we recognize that complexity doesn’t necessarily denote a creator. We have the mental illness … ok.

Then we have Ken Ham telling us that Darwin was a racist. He wasn’t a racist. His writing was a product of his time and there was really only one instance of “racism” in Darwin’s writings. As AronRa points out.