Cognitive Dissonance is hard

What’s up Heathens! Today we are discussing 3 reasons that atheists may be suffering cognitive dissonance. They are not good reasons but this guy thinks they are.

For one thing, this guy gets cognitive dissonance completely wrong. He describes Confirmation Bias rather than Cognitive Dissonance. Confirmation bias is when you reject new information in favor of the old information. Whereas, cognitive dissonance is when you hold two contradictory ideas at the same time.

The first reason is the Intelligent Design argument. Apparently, it’s baffling to him that we deny that the human body and other complex things are intelligently designed. The thing is that we have explanations for how those complex things developed over time and naturally. He automatically assumes the natural equals god when there is nothing to suggest that.

Next reason, is because we just want to sin so we are atheists to escape the accountablility that religion provides. This is just blatantly false. You don’t need to leave religion to sin. Christianity, what he is arguing for, has a built in mechanism to deal with sin without remorse. One basic tenent of Christianity is that we all sin and we are never free of sin. We always need Jesus to wash the sin away.

Finally, We just simply lie to ourselves and deny god exists. We suppress the “knowledge” of god. I find this one hilarious because we aren’t convinced by the evidence for god so we don’t believe in him. There is no suppression of knowledge in this. It’s just a disingenuous way to frame why atheists aren’t convinced.