Blasphemy Laws are BS

What’s up Heathens! So today on the daily Bible podcast we are going over the Old Testament laws on blasphemy and other ridiculous things. Like necromancy and how a lot of these laws would have been used against Jesus. They weren’t but that’s another problem with his story.

So we are continuing on with the laws of the Bible. Nothing all that exciting really other than Blasphemy laws and how they are pretty pointless. It’s also a good warning sign if someone says you can’t say bad things about something or you’ll be killed. I kind of feel like that should be a “duh” thing but the book has apologetics in it that’s like “You must respect god” or some shit. That just makes me want to rebel harder. Jesus was charged with blasphemy and could have been legally stoned to death by the Jewish Elders. That is what would have happened if the Jesus story was even somewhat real.

Then we get to the whole pagans and spirituality. If you guessed that you should kill all the pagans, then you’re correct. I find it odd how afraid religions are of other ideas. It makes sense but still odd nonetheless. If your religion can’t stand the scrutiny of outside observers, then maybe you need a better religion. This is also the part that warns about people that tell the future and such. Necromancy even comes up once.

Then they have weird laws about prophets and what makes a prophet. Like if the person makes a prediction and it comes true then they are a prophet. If it doesn’t come true, then they get killed. It’s a real gamble but also very ineffective. What if it takes longer for the prophecy to come true?