How I came to Mythicism

What’s Up Heathens! Today we are watching a clip from an interview I did with cap brony. We talk about how I became a Mythicist, what convinced me of that position, and some interesting questions about atheism.

First, we start off talking about why I am a mythicist and what evidence convinced me of that position. Basically, I applied the same skepticism about God to Jesus and his existence. I found myself in internet arguments/debates where I felt like I needed to be able to say that we know Jesus existed in history because of … insert evidence here. I wanted to be sure that I had that evidence so I went looking for it. That’s when I stumbled across David Fitzgerald‘s book Nailed. I didn’t become a mythicist then but it did help me understand the problems with placing Jesus in history. It also helped me understand just how much of Jesus’ story was made up from the old testament.

When I started to look at historical references outside the bible for Jesus I found the normal references but I would also find compelling reasons why those didn’t prove Jesus existed. The nail in the coffin for me was when Richard Carrier put out Proving History and On the historicity of Jesus. Those are legitimately some of the best books on early Christianity that you can find. I highly suggest those to anyone that wants to know more about stuff.

Cap also asks me about the best/worst argument for god. Who do I like responding to the most and what do I loathe responding to. I hope you enjoy the interview.