There is no Gravity of the Gaps

What’s up Heathens! Today we are looking at more comments but first, we have to figure out who won last week. Last week the one who said I just wanted to be rebellious won.  That’s just a dumb assessment. This week’s comments include someone trying to call me out for a Gravity of the Gaps.

The first thing we have is Today I Learned. Today we learned that people can be very gullible when it comes to venerated objects. A woman mistakenly prayed to a figurine of Lord Elrond thinking it was St. Anthony. People have also set up Ewan McGregor as Obi-wan as Jesus. Venerated objects don’t comport with reality.

The first comment we have is being critical of my comedy. Saying that it’s fallacious for me to call one guy “Dr. Geriatric.” He claimed to be a doctor and he seemed old enough to be a geriatric. I couldn’t remember his name so I just made something up. It wasn’t all that clever but it also wasn’t meant to say that he was wrong. I have since tried to stifle giving my subjects funny names with a little success.

Next is a woman that can’t spell or write correctly telling us we need to go back to school. The irony in her statement is palpable. Mickey stops by to tell us that the good doctor found a new sub-atomic particle. The Ghostron because it doesn’t exist. Another person asks why I don’t challenge Greg Locke to a debate despite the fact that I have. The next guy just White Knights MorgueOfficial. Finally, someone tries to the comment-splain gravity of the gaps. We also have a great love comment at the end to balance the hate out.