People are ex-Mormon for a good reason

What’s up heathens! Today we are talking with Andrew who is an ex-Mormon because he realized just how abusive his faith was and he wouldn’t allow that abuse to be inflicted on his loved ones.

Andrew, like me, grew up never questioning the faith that we had. While I was a Catholic, Andrew was a Mormon. Andrews religion caused a lot of anguish in his early years. Religion teaches you to mentally and emotionally abuse yourself and that is exactly what happened to Andrew. As he was growing up, he came into puberty and experimented with masturbation. The church taught that this was bad and sinful. What made things worse was the practice of elders discussing masturbation with young boys behind closed doors. This only caused Andrew to then emotionally and mentally abuse himself into clinical depression. His parents simply thought that his sins were all mental. They loaded him up with drugs but that only did more harm than good. He continued to be emotionally toxic to himself over the years.

Until he had a family. When his daughter came of age for these closed-door creepy meetings about her sexuality he wasn’t going to allow it. He wasn’t going to let some creepy old guy in a locked room with his daughter talking about her masturbation practices and how that is “horrible.” That was the same stuff he went through and he was not about to abuse his daughter like he was abused. He said no and then he shunned them. His family soon followed after him.