Leaving Mormonism is the best option

What’s Up Heathens! Today we have another part of the interview with Andrew who is an Ex-Mormon.  Today he is going to talk about some of the abusive practices of Mormonism and what leaving Mormonism felt like.

First, we start talking about the mental toll that the Mormon faith left on Andrew. He talks about the fact that Utah has the most pain medication prescribed because of the Mormon faith. He also discusses how the Mormon faith treats women. They are basically slaves to the men and actually need the men to get into heaven. Women, by themselves, can’t get into heaven because they need a man to pull them through the veil.

He also goes into the many different levels of heaven. The top tier of Heaven is saved for those that live a perfectly sinless life while the other levels are regulated for varying levels of sin … I guess. He describes the doctrine as disguised as being good and awesome while at its core it’s abusive and misogynistic.  This is actually how he started questioning his faith. He saw how his local leadership were abusing their power over people in the church and he started asking questions. He struggled so hard to be the best Mormon he could be but was still being treated as an apostate before he even left the religion.

Ultimately he decided that God cannot exist in the forms we have been told and even if he did exist, he wouldn’t worship him. He goes on to explain how his life changed after leaving the faith. He was no longer depressed, no longer in debt, and he just felt better about himself in general. Leaving Mormonism was the best thing that could happen to him.