This Christian Rap is wrong

What’s Up Heathens! Today we are going to be discussing a Christian rap song made by Mike Malone tells people to not be gay. Seriously guys just bury it deep inside you and let the Lord fill you up completely and explode inside you.

So first we have Jesus being contradictory. He starts out telling us don’t be gay but then he ends it with “I SAID I HATE FIGS.” Seems correct that he’d be confused. Getting to the actual rap though Mike doesn’t want people to be gay. He wants them to internalize their gayness. He describes being gay like a vulture picking at your soul. Apparently, he has some gay thoughts and he doesn’t want them to be there.

In the description, he says that this song was to respond to a young Christian dealing with homosexual thoughts and feelings. Of course, the Christian rap perspective is to tell this young person to internalize their thoughts and feelings. To hide their true self in favor of being obedient to a book written like 1700 years ago. What I would say to this young person is that it’s ok to have homosexual feelings and thoughts. Don’t listen to this asinine Christian rap. Internalizing these feelings will only hurt you.

Then this whole Christian rap gets confusing when the guy tells us to get on our knees. I mean I thought you said don’t do that a second ago dude. Then he clarifies by telling us to get on our knees and pray which is just sucking Jesus dick. He also talks about prostrating yourself to receive God… still so confused.