Apparently, Atheism is Impossible!

What’s Up Heathens! Today we are discussing a video where the guy says that Atheism and Evolution are impossible. He explains this by conflating the Big Bang theory with evolution and does a horrible job of explaining special relativity.

He starts out with a tongue twister about impossible. Why impossible is impossible because at least one impossible would have to exist. Even now I don’t know how this relates to his argument. If he thinks that Atheists say that God is impossible he’s wrong. We don’t say that collectively although some do. He then goes on to espouse the idea that you can bend space and time. He has this idea that space and time are immaterial things that can’t be interacted with. That’s not true at all. Time can move differently under different circumstances. Of course, this guy wouldn’t know that.

He casts doubt on the work of Stephen Hawking and wormholes. Saying that it’s ludicrous that Hawking thinks that black holes can tear space and time. We know that Black Holes affect both of those components of reality. This guy has not even a basic understanding of physics and special relativity. He also has a skewed idea of what “nothing” really is. He has the idea that absolutely nothing can and does exist while scientifically we know that it probably doesn’t exist. even in a vacuum devoid of anything we have an electrical charge that remains. So he is using an incorrect definition of nothing but he also applies that nothing to evolution. Saying that we “evolved from nothing” and that’s simply not even wrong.