Avengers Isn’t Propaganda

What’s up Heathens! Today on the show we are looking at Avengers Infinity War being anti-christian propaganda. This guy is bananas and he thinks he’s cracked the code of All marvel movies. Let’s dive into this crazy, shall we?

Today we are reviewing this video where the guy says that Avengers and really all Marvel movies are told from Satan’s perspective. This guy starts out talking up the MCU and all the movies that are part of it. He even wants an adamantium skeleton, which only Wolverine could have and no other person could yet he wants it. Then he flips the script and starts talking about anti-christian propaganda in Hollywood. He describes the Avengers movie and then compares it to stories from Revelation about Jesus. He basically puts Jesus in Thanos’ place and says that it’s good. It’s good for Jesus to come back and kill a lot of people and send them to hell.

What he doesn’t consider is the fact that both instances are just stories. Arguably, Avengers seems to be told much better than the Bible’s stories. This guy has his persecution glasses on and he can’t seem to take them off. We are pattern-seeking animals and we try to find patterns when there are none. This is a great instance of that because the Avengers is not modeled off the bible but he sees the same storytelling elements. To him, it makes more sense that it’s an attack on Christianity.