Atheists Communicate Differently

What’s Up Heathens! I had an awesome time at the Faithless Forum and we hope you guys did too. This week we are putting up entire forum across all of our youtube channels. Today we have Me, KC, Genetically Modified Skeptic, and Holy Koolaid talking about how we as creators communicate our message. Atheists have diverse ways of doing that and they all have merit.

KC Moderated this talk and she did a fantastic job moderating. We start off introducing ourselves and talking a little bit about how we got started and what it was like to be a new creator. Then we progress to how we each communicate our message. I go with mockery of course. That’s not to say it’s all mockery but I didn’t have a community that I could just relax and laugh at some bad religious argument. I wanted to provide that for other atheists. So I focused my content on people that are already atheists and need to just laugh at stupid stuff that they see every day. GM Skeptic likes a calm cool-headed approach that even has people he’s criticizing actually listening to his words. Then Holy Koolaid likes to get people to laugh at themselves without knowing it.

Another question was “What channels influence you and which are your favorite?” and that is a complicated question but I draw inspiration and am influenced by everyone I watch. I mention how Anthony Magnabosco influences the way I do one on one debates and encounters. GM Skeptic, Holy Koolaid, and others like them help me find my voice when I want to address serious subjects. Every creator out there influences and inspires me. Especially the ones we had at the forum this year.