No, The Wind Doesn’t

What’s up Heathens! Today we are looking at more comments. Apparently, wind proves that god exists because how else can air blow hard if it wasn’t for god doing the blowing. I actually don’t know how it proves that god exists.

First, we need to announce last weeks winner. The person that said that women have long hair and men have short wins last week. It was a pretty stupid statement to make but there are a lot of stupid people on the internet.

The first commenter we have today is on Twitter. He’s wondering where electricity goes when you unplug a cord because it doesn’t have time to “run back in the outlet.” I don’t think I need to explain why this is a stupid statement. Next is a disturbing comment from a child about why God kills people. Apparently, God does it because he needs some help in Heaven. Probably to reset his VCR. Then I give my thoughts on dangerous memes on the internet making it into real life. We need to be smarter but the future looks bleak. Then someone espouses an idea about how men steal energy from women by fantasizing about them. I’m not sure how that works but apparently, that’s how it works for them.

Someone feels the need to scream at people for the snow. Saying that being snowed in gets us closer to god. For some people that is a little too literal because people actually die in these storms. I also don’t understand the use of emoji’s now. I mean basically, we are regressing in the way we communicate.