Creationists do mental backflips

What’s up Heathens! Today Jackson Wheat and I are talking about creationist idiocy. Specifically what the worst creationist argument is and if Ken Ham actually believes the things he says professionally.

So, the first thing we discuss today is what is the worst creationist argument. There are so many arguments to choose from. Of course, the whole idea of Kinds of animals is confusing on its own. They have to throw out a lot of science to remain indoctrinated into their faith. Jackson Recounts how a number of people have had to carefully consider either losing their faith or science. They chose their faith. Jackson laments over the fact that during the Ham-Nye debate, they were asked what would change their minds. Of course, Ham said nothing would because of God. The fact that nothing will sway a person position because the bible says something contradictory is just asinine.

Evolution as a religion is the most ridiculous thing in the world. Evolution isn’t a religion. Ken Ham uses this tactic to try and put Evolution on the same level as his Creationism. Because creationism is a religious worldview and not a scientific one. You have to shuck any scientific evidence that contradicts your dogma. Science embraces new information whereas creationism outright rejects it.

We mentioned how Kinds of animals is very confusing. The nearest we can figure they mean the animals look different. But even so, the Bible defines a Kind as an animal that can reproduce with its other kinds. Ring Species are a good counter-example to that kind of thinking because the animals look the same but their genetics are so different that they can’t mate with a species that it evolved from.  Creationist Kinds is just a special pleading argument that doesn’t make sense.

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