Probability isn’t a Sign of God

What’s Up Heathens! On today’s video, we are looking at finally proving god exists with probabilities. He also throws in some trippy stuff like unicorns rapping on beach and slug monsters eating porage on the Charlie Chaplin rap planet.

So today we are looking at a RebelMedia video where Gavin Mcinnes is going to finally prove god exists. He’s going to do so mathematically. He starts off by saying that atheists look at the infinity of reality and say that we’re not impressed by it. He then compares that to looking at a beach full of unicorns rapping Three 6 Mafia. He goes on to explain how we can’t fathom eternity or infinity, which is completely false. Infinity is a human construct so we can definitely fathom it. We use it to represent very large numbers. It’s an irrational number because infinity can never be reached. It does help us do calculus and other math though.

He then goes into how probable it is that other worlds just like earth exist. Actually, he misconstrues probability with factual things. He seems to think that if there is a probability of something, then that something exists. Probability doesn’t say whether something definitely exists or not, just the frequency of it happening.  Could it eventually happen? Sure but that doesn’t mean that it has happened. From there he connects it to monkey’s in a room with typewriters.

He then goes on to explain how God created the free market and he is the invisible hand that guides politics and our government or something. I’m really unsure about what he’s even talking about here. If you have any insight to what he’s thinking or talking about, please let me know.