Classrooms Shouldn’t Be Hostile

What’s Up Heathens! Today we are going to be covering another college classroom video with another teacher attacking Christians because they always need to be persecuted. I understand why though because their book tells them they will be. No need to manufacture persecution, ever.

So first we start out with the problematic title of the group producing the video. It takes a full minute to set up the scene for a college classroom. We know what it is. It shouldn’t take that long to set up. After we get past all that, the Atheist teacher comes out strong saying she first takes on the Christian worldview. Unless this is a comparative religions class or something, there is no reason to bring this up. If anyone experiences this, definitely report her ass because it’s an ethical violation. This conversation doesn’t need to be had in an evolutionary science classroom which is what they make it out to be.

First fallacy used is the Ad Populum or Bandwagon fallacy. She proceeds to compare a belief in god to flat-earthers. This is a bad comparison for multiple reasons. You also don’t want to throw this at the student walking out of your classroom because you’re being unethical. Next, a student says that we all, even atheists, are searching for god. Apparently, you have to believe in God already to discuss his illogical nature as well.

They talk about Jesus being the most influential person in history. I am a mythicist so I disagree with this assertion and I think there is a good reason to think he never existed at all. I feel the probability is great on him being a literary concoction. Then we get into moral relativism. Morality is subjective and the Christian religion, and how it’s changed over time, is a perfect example of how morality is relative.