Christianity can be harmful

What’s up Heathens! Today we are interviewing Jackson Wheat on his religious background with Christianity and living in Louisiana. He also talks about why he started his channel and his thoughts on Ark Encounter.

Jackson Wheat started his channel after an encounter with a guy on his campus spouting off anti-evolution rhetoric. He challenged him and did his best to explain why he was wrong about what he was saying. The preacher then proceeded to give him youtube videos for him to watch. When he watched them he couldn’t facepalm enough and a friend said he should start debunking them on video. So that is what he did.

Growing up in Louisiana didn’t help the situation either. He grew up a Christian but once he heard that atheism was an option he started considering it. He describes losing his faith as both a light switch and a gradual thing. Once he was given the information against the Evolutionary theory he started seeing how little of case¬†Christianity actually had. That was the light switch part because once the apologetics was wrong it was just wrong to Jackson.

After considering the position of Atheism for a while he finally admitted he could no longer be a Christian but he didn’t come right out and say it. He kept it to himself on into Highschool. Once he did start talking about his new worldview that included atheism, he had family members handing him apologetics literature from the 60s. You’ll be happy to know that Christianity’s arguments haven’s changed in 58 years. It’s legit the same arguments they use now.