Destruction Is God’s Game

What’s Up Heathens! Today we are looking at several bible verses but basically, we are covering how God orders the total destruction of a couple groups of people: the Canaanites and Amalekites. He also appoints Joshua as the successor to Moses and other boilerplate things.

First, we start out with god wanting to do another Horcrux thing with Moses and Joshua. God has them do a magical binding spell which transfers some magic from Moses to Joshua but not all of it. he still needs that stuff. Next, they start planning out going into Canaan when God interrupts and brings the mood down by saying they should cause total destruction to the population.  That’s women, children, babies, as well as men. This god sounds like an awesome God doesn’t he. I mean the last few days he’s done nothing but orders the deaths of people. How awesome is that!

Then god almost leaves but adds that they should cause the total destruction of the Amalekites as well. You know for good measure. Considering how God reacted to them not doing the destruction thing last time, they knew he was serious. They also needed to divide up the lands of Canaan once they conquered them. They gave the bigger tribes more land and they said they would use the already existing cities and structures for their own purposes.

Next week is a historical review so be sure you do your studying for it. Otherwise, God may destroy you for not doing your homework. Seems like he’s that kind of guy.