Pentecostals Are Weird

What’s Up Heathens! Today we are continuing our discussion with Godless Iowan. He’s a former Pentecostal preacher who left his faith. Today we reminisce about how foolish we feel about our former faith as well as discussing atheist activism.

First, we start off discussing bible stories. Specifically what Bible stories we find to be the most ridiculous. What Bible stories do you find ridiculous? We talk about what Pentecostals believe about heaven and the end of the world. Apparently, religious video games are in Heaven but all others aren’t. GI talks about the burden of being the next Elijah and how that affected his view of his faith. After the bible told him to “not lean on your own understanding.” Afte that he left his Pentecostal church.

He talks about the dilemma of his first marriage. How it’s ok for his ex-wife to cheat but not for him to question. That was a big factor in his deconversion. His ex-wife didn’t help the process by telling everyone that he worshiped Satan and is an atheist. From he we talk about our interactions with religious people that know we are atheists. KC draws a diagram and crazy lies are spread by GI’s ex-wife.

We talk about how we define atheism and how we are agnostic on god in general but Gnostic on a specific god belief.

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