From Pentecostal To Heathen

What’s up Heathens! Today we are going to find out how a Pentecostal preacher lost his faith and left everything behind. He’s got a crazy backstory and it takes a left turn early on.

I was lucky enough to get to talk to The Godless Iowan about his religious history. Being that he’s a former Pentecostal¬†preacher I knew it would be an interesting story. He was always deeply rooted in the Pentecostal religion. His family was part of a group that would go around and sing at various churches. Then he got sick and his grandfather prayed over him. God apparently told his grandfather that he was to be the next Elijah. I’m not sure what it means to be the next made up prophet of God but I guess only time will tell.

We also discuss the difference between Pentecostal Christians and other denominations. Not all Pentecostals are snake handlers and they¬†believe in the physical workings of the Spirit. Basically, speaking in tongues, dancing, and miracles. He lays out the different places where these acts are established in the Bible. Apparently, you’re not officially allowed to start preaching or teaching the gospel until you have spoken in tongues. They don’t really do outreach because like JWs they believe everyone is going to hell that isn’t a Pentecostal Christian. GI wanted to get out and do things for the community so it was tough for him in the church.

Losing Faith

So we get to the part where he loses his faith. It wasn’t like he lost it and immediately became an atheist. He just didn’t believe in this Pentecostal version of God. His cousin committed suicide and his congregation felt bad because he was burning in hell because he wasn’t their type of Christian. GI immediately decided that to be bullshit and announced to the entire congregation that it was bullshit.

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