Old Testament Is Savage

What’s Up Heathens! Today on the Daily Bible Podcast we are going over the laws of Moses. They break them up into different categories in the Old Testament and today we are cover Religious and Ceremonial laws.

So first we have to cover Days 46-48. Those days are literally a repeat of what has happened up until this point. I’m not sure why they needed to repeat everything. I’m guessing that it’s because they had an oral memorization contest and those who didn’t pass died. After these pointless passages, we move to the religious and ceremonial laws. These are going to be the most pedantic laws and would also be the ones that people say don’t apply but at the same time, it includes some of the 10 commandments so they do apply.

No other gods will be tolerated. If you worship other gods, you die. If you create idols for yourself and worship them… you die. Then apparently there is a pretty significant concern over sacrificing children. We all know that only God can kill kids and they are normally just part of other nations or they piss god off. So literally any kid is at risk of being killed by God for pissing him off just don’t sacrifice them to other gods. Most of the time we are stoning people to death here. The most humane of death penalties next to crucifixion.

Then they emphasize that there is only one place to worship, one god to worship, and if you break that so help himself he will kill you.