Baal didn’t create chemtrails

What’s Up Heathens! Last week Hal Jordan won comment of the week so if you picked him you get some God Points. This week though we have Baal creating chemtrails with black magic. That just shows you how crazy comments and memes can be.

So first up is someone wanting to ask The Vigilant Christian Mario about the rapid expansion of the universe. I doubt Mario understands that concept. Next, we have some great wisdom from John Hagee which says that you should tithe if you want to be financially free. It’s not exactly wrong. If you give away all your money I guess you’re kind of financially free but it doesn’t pay your bills. Then we have a crazy woman saying that Angel costumes at Halloween are really demon costumes. Apparently, it is a mockery of God to dress up like a slutty angel.

Next, we have an insanely long comment that seems like a Max Kolbe supporter wrote because it’s not factual at all. He claims that Genetically Modified Skeptic is gay and then devolves into what some Christians think about atheists. Basically that we have no morals and just want to do whatever makes us feel good. Next is the prized meme of Baal creating Chemtrails because apparently Barium and Aluminum are key components in chemtrails and so that means black magic is at work. I honestly have no idea.

Now comes Tila Tequila’s comment about how God will take away your family and friends if you don’t get right with him. I mean that is what God did to Job so by scripture she’s not wrong but at the same time, she is wrong. God won’t take your loved ones away. God hasn’t been shown to exist, so no need to worry.