Atheists aren’t bullies

Hi y’all, welcome to KC’s corner. Today we are going to looking at an inflammatory article directed at atheists. The author obviously doesn’t like atheists but he also has a lot of misconceptions about us. Or he could be flat out lying but let’s not just assume he is.

“Atheists today are the most arrogant, ignorant, and dangerous people on earth.”

This a quote from an article posted on Fox News today and it is pretty inflammatory against atheists, in general. Which is fine except that its wrong and the writer’s arguments supposedly backing up these claims are not only fallacious, they in a pretty ironic twist, far more accurately describe religion and some religious people. The author uses popular stereotypes that perpetuate negative feelings that society has toward atheists simply because they can’t imagine good without god.

Arrogant: Having an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance.

There are over 4,200 religions in the world…whatever religion you are (or aren’t) is often a factor of culture, geography, era, and upbringing.  There are eastern religions, western religions, radical religions, cults, religions based on pasta…and generally speaking, they all think they are right. They all worship their god or gods while dismissing others as fake news and often think that their way is the only way to “heaven” whatever that means to them. Based on their individual beliefs, they discriminate against one another, try to pass laws in their governments ensuring they are favored over others or attempt to take over the government entirely and establishing a theocracy, which they use to force other people to practice what they believe. They use their religions as an excuse to hurt people…to kill people. Yet, we are the arrogant ones?

I have an exhaustive rebuttal to this article that can’t be fully covered here but linked is my entire case against this article.