Logic is as Logic Does

What’s Up Heathens! Today we are discussing comments on both the channel, Godless Cranium’s Channel, and elsewhere on the internet. Last weeks winner was Baal creating Chemtrails. This week though someone points out how atheists defy logic and are basically cockroaches.

Today we learn about how 400K-year-old wooden spears were found in a German coal mine. It makes it really hard to be a creationist when this type of shit is found. I mean I know they rationalize it by casting doubt on the radioactive dating or other types of dating that we can do. When you think a magical man in the sky can create everything out of literally nothing then anything is possible. Logic means nothing to Ken Ham.

The first comment is a tweet where the guy thinks that Jesus witnessed some horrible rule 34 and still died for our sins making him an absolute legend.  I don’t know if that makes him a legend or just stupid. Probably stupid. The next is an actual comment on one of my videos. They asked why Jehovah is a man and not a woman. Well, the Jews were a patriarchal society so it makes sense that their god would be an old guy in the sky. There is evidence in the bible that points to their being women gods around at the time though.

Next someone is waiting for the sea levels to significantly rise for them to accept that climate change is real. Then someone craps on the idea that evolution is a fact. They think a fish evolved directly into people. It’s weird how they will not actually learn what evolution is before trashing it. Then a guy points out what an intellectual I’ve chosen to respond to. Seriously, being snobby about who you respond to is not the way to have an open dialog. This guy doesn’t use logic at all.