Creation Myths Are Fun

Hi y’all! Welcome to KC’s Corner! Today we are going to talk about some different and pretty insane creation myths. Specifically Norse, Romanian, and African Myths are what we are going to be covering today.

First, let’s talk about what we DO know about “creation”… We know there was a rapid expansion at the beginning of our existing universe, generally referred to as the Big Bang. We’ve come to this conclusion through observations and measurements of light and makeup of the current universe, using how it behaves and exists now, and basically reversing that behavior and essentially looking back in time. This is a very simplistic explanation, I know, but the science is well documented and if you’d like to learn all the details, please take some time to read about how the universe came to be, it is incredibly interesting but incredibly complex.

Okay, so what about the origin of life? We know that complex life developed from simpler molecules/simple celled life forms through the process of evolution. But the evolutionary process has nothing to do with how the first cells came to be on this planet. So how did that happen? There are several theories but most scientists agree that RNA was the crux to building the earliest molecular life.

Norse Creation Myth

Ymir was created when the homeland of the elemental fire melted the homeland of ice. Ymir reproduces asexually through sweating his spawn out. A cow emerged from the frost to nourish Ymir. That cow was in turn nourished by salt licks which revealed Buri. Buri then had a son who married the daughter of a giant and proceeded to have demi-gods: Odin, Vili, and Ve. Those three killed Ymir for no apparent reason. They cut up Ymir’s corpse and created the world. Then 4 dwarves were tasked with holding up the sky for eternity.

Romanian Creation Myth

God Created the heavens and measured them with a ball thread. God asked the devil to help so he was a bro and brought God some clay to create the Earth. As god was created the earth, a mole came in out of nowhere and asked to help. God told him “Hold this” and gave him the ball of thread. God passed out but the mole kept feeding the thread for the earth. The Devil is really a cat in disguise so he tries to kill the god by pushing him off the whatever they are standing on in the middle of empty space. The Devil failed to kill him and god made a cross on the ground which the devil was scared of. The mole blamed himself and hid. When god woke up he had a bee find the mole. The mole was stubborn and would come out but decided to squeeze the earth back into shape which would also create mountains.

Boshongo’s Creation Myth

Boshongo was a big white guy standing in the middle of nothing till he got sick and vomited up the world, sun, and stars. He vomited again but this time it was a set of 9 types of animals that then created all the other animals on the planet. He vomited a third time and produced humans. Bumba’s sons then finished creating the earth by developing the white patriarchy.