Religious Products Are Fun

Hi y’all!  Welcome to KC’s Corner, today I thought we could have some fun and go through some of the funnier religious products on the market. We visit products like Christian candies, video games, dashboard trinkets, bandages, and soap!

So let’s start this off fresh with Christ Candies…now there are MANY varieties of religious confections that are offshoots of actual candies: smarties knock-offs, Jesus jelly beans, spirit gummy fruit snacks, faith pops, and Testamints. All the candies have bible verses on them. My favorite religious candy is Jesus Harvest Seeds.  Sounds like the kind of seed you can’t spill lest you be killed.  Oh here, according to Amazon, its award-winning candy corn made with real honey in individual bags which each feature a unique and inspirational bible verse and have high ratings to boot!

Moving right along to Grow Your Own Jesus. Now, this particular Jesus doesn’t walk on water…he kinda soaks in it. And if you do it right he’ll grow up to 600% his original size. Apparently, this particular novelty is great for Jesus and non-believers alike…and according to the packaging Jesus is always there for you and he’ll never judge you…I’m sorry what? That’s not true.

Okay, next up we have a Jesus soap dispenser…by no means the ONLY Jesus soap dispenser. Wash your hands and say your prayers because Jesus and Germs are everywhere. What!? if Jesus was real, you wouldn’t need to worry about germs because that guy would save you.

Adhesive Christ Almighties.  Jesus sticky notes because regular post-its won’t do. Not only does this booklet contain super convenient tabs, but it also has handy notes to remind users to always be mindful of what Jesus would do and makes sure to remind us that God knows what we do…god always knows.