The State Of Atheism in 2018 With Red Pill Religion

The State Of Atheism in 2018 With Red Pill Religion

Red Pill Religion Is Hateful

What’s up Heathens! Today is our final look through Red Pill Religion’s State of Atheism Livestream. We examine some non-specific claims about the atheist movement and atheists themselves. We also compare Red Pill Religion’s past history with his current demeanor.

First, he starts off by saying that Atheists deny history. He pushes this guys book, which costs $20 for Kindle, that states how we have rewritten history. I’ve tried to figure out what the specific claims are in this book with no luck. One thing I did find was apparently we painted the “Dark Ages” as religiously controlled when it wasn’t or something. I’m not sure what Red Pill Religion is trying to say here. I cover the whole Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao thing in the video. How they, especially Hitler, are not indicative of the atheist movement now.

Then he says that they are just shitposters and don’t really hate anyone. This is contrasted by my recent interaction with Max where he loses his shit and calls me a pig ignorant bully. This leads Discount Terminator to claim that Christians are the most persecuted while atheists just claim persecution. Max will bring this up later too. It’s a special pleading argument because any hate they get means it’s persecution. But if an atheist gets hate, it’s deserved and no persecution.

He states that he would rather be ruled by Muslims than an Atheist. Belief in a God doesn’t inherently make you more moral. This is a myopic and asinine statement to make.

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