Cognitive Dissonance From Red Pill Religion

What’s Up Heathens! Today we are continuing our look at the Red Pill Religion “State of Atheism” video. This portion responds to the fact that he says some friends of mine have cognitive dissonance, which means all atheists have cognitive dissonance to him, and he has shaken it a little bit.

First, we start off with his shit talking Christopher Hitchens. He says that Christopher Hitches was caught plagiarizing right out of the League Of The Militant Godless. The only claim of plagiarism  that I could find is this blogspot article. They highlight places where Hitchens and the source talk about the same myths or stories from the past. Even including a Quote that both used as evidence of the plagiarism. I couldn’t find any reports of actual plagiarism but I admit I could be wrong.

Next, he calls out a few friends saying that they have cognitive dissonance, like all atheist, and that he has been able to shake that cog-dis. I disagree obviously but I wanted them to give their two cents. Basically, all of them are astounded at that Max feels like they have cognitive dissonance and that he has shaken their faux cog-dis. Then he discusses evidence and how Atheists can’t claim there is no evidence for his God. I explain the difference between good evidence and bad evidence. He also ads the line “It’s convincing to me what’s your problem.” My problem is that you’re an asshole saying that I have cognitive dissonance because I don’t accept your evidence.

Next Deflating Atheism shit talks GM Skeptic so I have GM Skeptic come on to talk about how bullshit Discount Terminator is. He’s a lot nicer than I am but that’s basically what he says.