Invisible Gardener does the opposite

What’s Up Heathens! Today we are finding out why this guy isn’t an atheist. Not that anybody is forcing him to be one or not be one. Still, he felt compelled to tell us why he isn’t one. It boils down to the Invisible Gardener Parable. He chooses to believe in a gardener despite not detecting one.

First, he starts off with telling us his religious history. He grew up in a religious household and always knew God existed. He struggled not to take God’s name in vain. I have never had that particular struggle. If I didn’t want to say “Goddammit” I usually just didn’t do it but apparently, that was his go-to curse.  He was out sowing his wild oats by listening to metal music and chasing women, as all people do when not praising the lord. While sowing said oats he followed a girl to church. Presumably to get some. He was convinced by going to a church that it had to be real.

Now he starts throwing up supplementary information as to why he believes rather than not. Basic misunderstanding of a lot of scientific concepts such the Big Bang, Evolution, Abiogenesis. He even quotes the movie Expelled.  Then he gets to the Invisible Gardener parable.  Basically, people come upon a garden in the woods and try to figure out if a gardener is taking care of it. Despite all attempts to determine if a gardener exists, the believer still believes. This parable is supposed to help you decide what you believe about God. If you cannot detect this god’s effect on reality, then how is he any better than an imaginary one or none at all. This guy obviously went the other direction.