Falcon Heavy disproves Flat Earth

What’s Up Heathens! Today’s video is special because it’s an extra dose for of Godless Engineer. The flat earthers saw the Falcon Heavy launch and were not dissuaded from their theory. They took to social media to tell people how deluded they were for believing the SpaceX launch was real.

So the Falcon Heavy launched recently and had a stunning view of the earth as Starman drifted along its path. You would think this would put all the bullshit about a flat earth to rest. Instead, they only hardened their position. They shored up their Cognitive Bias and refused to accept the evidence in front of them. Now it’s not good enough to have pictures from independent parties. If they show a sphere earth then they are lying. That is basically what they concluded from Elon Musks Falcon Heavy launch.

You have people using old pictures of the car in the cargo bay claiming CGI. They put Elon Musk in a clown suit and print FakeX on the side of the Tesla. The official Flat Earth facebook page says that it takes more than seeing evidence in video or picture form. It’s only not enough because they disagree with it. Not because it’s actually false.

I hope you’ll join me as I laugh and explain how these people are being completely ridiculous.