Water Does Curve

What’s Up Heathens! Today we have more comments. Last week the guy who said football domes prove a flat earth dome won out. I wonder if donkey kong will win this week or if it will be one of the screaming idiots. Either way, the earth does have a curve.

First few comments are good comments. Dave Lee suggests that Jesus wouldn’t “suck his nuts.” KC Has some awesome words of encouragement. And, the Tranny Shop suggests an alternate view of the shape of the Earth that does include a curve. According to Chloe the magician, Evidence is the work of the devil. Obviously, it is because God categorically hides his evidence behind natural explanations.

Ariel claims you can’t make a rainbow without a mirror. In the video she’s commenting on, they make a rainbow with a garden hose. Big Nix doesn’t like the way I deal with DelanoTV and has a slightly lazy response. Also, grammar bro. Donkey Kong tells us that “water doesn’t curve, the earth is flat.” I love it when they let us know they don’t know what they are talking about in such a short sentence. Praise the Shrinking Sun asks why we believe the earth spins faster than the speed of sound. Well due to gravity, the earth’s atmosphere moves with the earth so it doesn’t pose a problem at all. I’m not sure why you’re asking this question. Hal Jordan comes in with “The bible matches reality.” It doesn’t and that is plainly obvious.

According to Priscilla Boyd, Either I or David Kim look like a down syndrome demon. I’m not exactly sure which person they are talking to but that grammar is something to be admired. I don’t know how someone can get by communicating with other people when they type like that.