Moses Chasing Clouds

What’s Up Heathens! Today on the Daily Bible Podcast we are going over the start of Moses’ Journey to the Promised Land. He and the Jews anger God many times in today’s podcast alone.

So we start off with blowing silver trumpets in different ways to call people to begin to leave, to gather, and in case they need help from God. God can’t hear prayers or anything yet. That power is developed later on. Every time they moved they had to break down the tabernacle, move it till they stopped, and reset up the tabernacle. This seems to be the most inefficient way to travel. Every time they set everything up Moses has to recite a chant. Every time they tear it down the have to recite a chant. At one point Moses starts complaining to god about when he’s going to be free of his responsibility. God says 70 men will receive part of my spirit that is in you. God basically creates a bunch of Horcruxes in these 70 men. They were identified when they started suddenly speaking in tongues. Two of the men were in the camp when this started to happen. Scared the shit out of his family I’m sure.

After that, the Jews bitch and complain about having to eat mana all the time. So God, being compassionate, was like “Fine you want here’s a fuckton of meat goddamit” and he sends a shit ton of quail. After he does this he lights the outskirts of the camp on fire because the Jews ate the quail he sent them.