What For God’s Pleasure?

What’s Up Heathens! Today on the podcast we don’t have a lot to talk about, mainly because the bible repeats itself a lot. God has the Levites shaving their bodies for his pleasure. This is after God literally fired Aaron’s sons from the priesthood and now God is dictating that the Levites be his priests.

So we start today off with the Levites getting shaved and oiled up for God. They are going to be the priests and so they have to be ordained just like Aaron’s sons were but this time they aren’t going to screw up. Then, God, has them do the sacrifices for all the tribes. For 12 days all 12 tribes had to bring the same offering to god. This resulted in 60 lbs of silver, 3 lbs of gold, 12 bulls, 72 rams, lambs, and goats, and finally 24 oxen. I mean you got to imagine it was a bloodbath. They were slaughtering and waving shit in the air because by day 2 I’m sure they really didn’t care at all.

At the end, Aaron is told to light some lamps and is told where to put them. He does what he’s told because he saw what happened to his sons. he’s not about to get fire shoved up his ass.