Christian Claims Atheists Have No Morals

Christian Claims Atheists Have No Morals

Atheists Do Have Morals

What’s Up Heathens! Today we are responding to a random Christian that says I have no morals. He does this by saying that I think that bad people are ok and are no different than other people. That’s actually a projection of his faith onto me.

So this guy speaks in bursts. He starts out succumbing to Godwin’s Law right off the bat by saying that I think Hitler was fine and didn’t do anything bad. I have never said that bad people or horrible actions are ok by me. I subscribe to the idea of societal morals. A set of morals that is defined by the society that you live in. Obviously, things like rape and genocide are not conducive to a functioning society. Those that grow up in functional societies are not going to think those things are good unless you have a chemical imbalance. Psychopaths and Sociopaths are biologically different than other people. Their brain chemistry and thought process are fundamentally different.

He then goes on to discuss Justice in our two respective worldviews. He claims that in my worldview there is no justice for a rape victim because there is no god to judge them. In my worldview, the rapist would certainly see justice because it is up to us that they are punished. The Christian worldview claims to have justice after death but that is inherently not true. All the rapist has to do is come to Jesus and he will not see any Justice in the afterlife. Plenty of Christians now rape, repent, and repeat. It’s not my worldview that is devoid of Justice. The Christian worldview only has a faux justice that they think exists.


Finally, he claims that I think a person that does good is just the same as a person that does something horrible. Actually, that is what he thinks. The christian dogma says that all people are sinners and they need Jesus to be saved. The only sin that is higher than the others is to deny God. All the other sins are exactly the same level of bad. A person that murders another person is the same as a good person. Even the good person needs Jesus in order to be saved.

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