Covenant Crushed By Moses

What’s up Heathens! Today on the podcast we are discussing how Moses smashes the Ten Commandments. Aaron screws up and creates an idol for people to worship because they can’t deal without him and god for a month.

So we start off with God getting mad on the mountain because the people are worshipping a golden calf that Aaron made. When Moses gets down off the mountain he smashes the tables that God just carved out for him. Because why not amirite? The only obvious thing for them to do is to grind up the golden calf into a fine dust and make people drink metallic water. Which can only do great things to their digestive tract?

After this Aaron uses the worst explanation for how the calf was made. Apparently, he just threw the gold into the fire and out rolled a golden cow. So as a compromise between god and Moses, they have the Levites kill 3000 Israelites. You know, a proportionate response. Moses then goes to convene with God by himself, which is how all revelations from god happen. God and Moses pow wow and god agrees to show himself to Moses. God says I will put you in a crevasse and cover you as I pass by and then you will see my back. Thanks for showing me your ass god… appreciate it?